Whenever you have issues of wet basement, you would want to act fast to resolve the problem. Exterior waterproofing benefits in protecting your home against water damage. It provides a long lasting solution by stopping water from finding its way into the basement. It also eliminates dampness and mold from invading the home and your life. Exterior waterproofing solutions involve installing things like drainage systems, drains, guttering, weeping tiles, and repair of cracks.

You can tell if your property or home is affected by adverse water logging by watching for tell-tale signs of wet basement and damp walls. Aquatech Waterproofing can solve these problems through provision of their superior exterior waterproofing solutions.

The Benefits of Exterior Waterproofing are Extensive


Dampness and mildew produce stall unpleasant smell. They also provide an excellent condition for the propagation of mold. Mold infestation results in respiratory complications like asthma and coughs. Such conditions are harmful to the entire households, with their effects more pronounced on children and pets. To guide against such occurrence, it is recommended that premises are kept dry and airy, through exterior water proofing.


Basements are normally put to use, either as storage area, garage, living, study or bedroom room. When dampness occurs, the utilization of such space is diminished in that the environmental therein, turns unhealthy. To fully enjoy usage of such space as well as protect furniture and other valuables from the inherent rot associated with dampness, exterior waterproofing is recommended. It helps restore your home to its former glory.


You may use interior waterproofing to address the problem of damp basement. However, this only works on the interior space meaning the exterior surfaces are still exposed to water. Interior waterproofing will deal with the problem of moisture from inside the house. What this means is that the exterior will continue getting in contact with water. It may penetrate the walls and reach the basement after sometime.
When you have exterior waterproofing, you’re trying to actually stop the problem. You are preventing water from getting in to contact with the exterior wall surfaces. This is an ultimate solution because it can also protect the interior of the house.

If water still collects on the external wall it will breach the structural integrity of the home structure. When exterior waterproofing solution by Aquatec is provided, it provides protection against water reaching the external walls, thereby ensuring a dry, damp-free walls even during the rainy seasons. If this is undertaken together with drainage improvement works, the walls are completely protected against water logging, enabling them to function properly and offer the protection needed.


Foundations, columns and walls are intended to support the building structure. When water pooling occurs in these areas, they compromise their structural strength, thereby subjecting the building to cracks and possible structural failures. Continuous disintegration of the structure could lead to condemnation of the building. In order to guide against such possibilities, exterior waterproofing solutions is recommended.


Exterior waterproofing offers the best possible solution to wet basement problem. Once done, it protects the foundations, walls and basement. This is in stark contrast with other solutions which are short term in nature and provides only patch work approach to solving the water pooling problems. For example, although you can use interior waterproofing, it leaves the external surfaces like walls and foundations still exposed to water and moisture. Aquatech Waterproofing will deal with your wet basement problem and provide a permanent solution through exterior waterproofing.


Poorly drained buildings are hard to sell or lease however good the neighborhood. You may have noticed that when looking for a premise, the first investigation is to visit the basement and smell its surrounding. Property owners with leaky walls are left with disadvantageous lease terms or sales offers (in case they get to have any).
With exterior waterproofing solution, the value of the property appreciates instantly and the owner has full command on the leasing and selling pricing, being that the property attracts high net worth customers. Exterior waterproofing solution therefore, offers a great return on investment.