Rarely do homeowners think about the sewer pipes, until they encounter problems of damaged sewer drains or clogging. If this has happened to you, or you would like to prevent it, seeking out the professionals at Aquatech Waterproofing will provide you with solutions. Cleaning sewer drain will restore your home and protect it, and your home, from water damage.

Doing a cleaning sewer drain in your home is a crucial aspect of having your sewer drain function properly. Having your sewer drain clean is so important because it drains away wastewater from the home and directs it to underground sewer mains, which empties to the septic or the municipal sewers. Without having a clean sewer drain, it will clog and allow backflows to occur. The effluent can find its way back to your house, and can even come back into the pipes and flood the basement.

Signs of sewer drain clog

Don’t wait until you have your home flooded with sewer effluent. The earlier you can spot signs of sewer drain clogging, the easier and better it is to deal with the problem. When you leave the problem to continue, you will experience more damage including sewer backup that brings bad odor, risks of disease, and damage to the property.

Something like a broken or damaged sewer pipe may only need repair though sometimes, with extensive damage, a full replacement may be needed. Allow the plumbing work of your house to talk to you. When you notice that the toilet or drains are clogged or there is strange gargling sound emanating from the drain system, you probably have an issue with the plumbing work.

It may also be that the water is not draining from the bath or kitchen sink. These are tell tale signs that the sewer drain may be clogged. At other times, a secondary sewer pipe may be the one that is clogged. In this case, you may find that one area of the drain is clogging.

For example, when you empty the toilet, you may find that the kitchen sink is flooding or water is gurgling out. When the main sewer is clogged, the other drain areas including the kitchen sink, bathroom drain, and the toilet may be flooded. You are likely to have a serious wastewater damage issue or risks of disease. When you find that wastewater is back-flowing to the basement, it is an obvious sign of a clogged sewer pipe. Hence, you should not wait further. Aquatech Waterproofing can come to your rescue to prevent further menace.

Sewer drain cleaning treatments from Aquatech Waterproofing

The sewer drain in your home runs from the house to the outside then to the main sewer lines of the municipal council. It may require a lot of work to dig the ground to find the area that is clogged. However, to prevent excavating the ground extensively, something that may interfere with other systems in the home, we have the technology to locate the clogging area.

Unblocking clogged drains may be done by drainage snaking. This process involves the use of metal tipped-cutters with rotary blades. Since they are attached to a long pipe, they bore into the clogging materials in the pipe, freeing the pipe passage. This application can be used to rectify both big and small drains. By using appropriate pipe sizes, the drains are ridden off of the stubborn blocks, even tree stumps.

Since the process needs only a small opening along the drainage pipe, there is no need for excavation. Further, the plumbing activities are halted only temporarily during this period. Since it is done fast, it saves time and money.

Where the source of clogging is not easily identifiable, technological means may be needed to locate it. Clogging occurring deep in the sewer pipes may not be easy to locate. The identification of the actual pipe blockage or leak position can be verified by the use CCTV cameras. These cameras are installed at an appropriate opening of the pipe to relay the drain flow details to a monitor. This pinpoints the exact location of the of clogs, blocks and tree roots. Cameras can also establish the extent of cracked or broken pipes.

Once the position of the blockage has been located, the drainage snaking method of unclogging blockage is applied. In case of a cracked or leaking pipe, a suitable remedy is made. Excavation is done, the wastewater flow is disabled, a replacement pipe is installed and the sewer operations are reinstated fast. Since excavation is minimal and pipe replacement is small, the procedure takes short time and costs less.

Blocked drainages are a nuisance. They result in improper functioning of the internal plumbing system. Unresolved blockages could cause pipe burst leading to oozing of unhealthy sewer to basement floors and walls. The stench produced is unbearable. Aquatech Waterproofing offers drainage snaking, fast and cheaply.

Whatever the time of the day or night, when you suspend sewer leakage or pipe clog, contact our emergency response team for immediate intervention.