Bidet Installation & Plumbing

Bidets are not just for Europeans anymore. This eco- and septic-friendly appliance is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners throughout the US and Canada. And if you’ve ever used one, you understand why. Bidets not only make it simple to wrap up your business in comfort; they also reduce paper waste and the potential for clogged drains.

Top 5 Reasons to Install a Bidet

  1. Bidets offer superior cleanliness to toilet paper.
  2. The warm water stream is gentler than toilet paper.
  3. The wash soothes hemorrhoids and other ailments.
  4. You’ll use way less toilet paper.
  5. Less toilet paper = fewer clogged drains.

Bidet Installation Costs

Bidet installation is similar to toilet installation. However, since some bidets use hot water, our plumbers may need to install a hot-water feed in addition to a cold-water feed and drain pipe. Since there are many different models, bidet installation plumbing costs will vary.